Friday, January 11, 2013


Monday night, Carys had a slight cough.  Tuesday morning she was rather lethargic but had no temperature.  She had a dentist's appointment at Shands at 4pm.  We do NOT cancel Shands' appointments as it takes so long to get another one.  So, we went.  She had eaten a couple of bites of cereal for breakfast and that's it.  She fell asleep waiting to leave.

Waiting to leave for the dentist's

She slept the entire hour to Gainesville.  I got her a smoothie after her appointment, she drank a couple of sips, and slept the entire hour home from Gainesville.  When we got home, she took a quick bath, fell asleep on my bed and slept the entire evening.  By the time she woke up, she had a fever and a very congested cough.  She slept most of the day Wednesday and the entire afternoon Thursday, eating almost nothing.  This morning she woke up fever-free.

Chase has the fever and the congested cough.  Sigh!

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DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

Glad to hear Carys is feeling better and praying it is short-lived for Chase.