Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mary Feik

 Our Civil Air Patrol squadron's annual awards night was held on Thursday, February 7.  They had an incredible guest speaker, Mary Feik.  Mrs. Feik is the only person who had a CAP achievement named after her who is still living.

She spoke for over an hour telling us her incredible story.
The lights were down for her slide show, so the pictures are dark.
Mrs. Feik's speech was so long that all the awards were presented together.  Chase won Cadet of the Year.

Mrs. Feik signed a Mary Feik award for every cadet that had earned one from our squadrons and nearby squadrons.  She also spoke personally to each one of them.

Chase and Gerren hold their awards up in this photo.
 Greg, Chase, Mrs. Feik, and Gerren (aka Captain Meahl, Sergeant Meahl, Colonel Feik, and Lieutenant Meahl)


DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

I was happy to see there is a Civil Air Patrol AND an aero club at Beale AFB. Not sure any of the kids want to do CAP - but we shall see.

Kristine said...

What a special, unforgettable evening, Linda! And congratulations to Chase!

Trevor's been grumbling about CAP for some time--but every time he goes, he has a great time. (sigh) He has several time conflicts right now, so we told him he could choose to drop CAP if he wanted to. No surprise, he balked and said he wasn't really sure he didn't want to do it at all, lol.

Linda said...

Gerren goes through that same thing, Kristine. It does take some work to keep promoting, etc. He doesn't always want to do that. LOL!