Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

 We had a big Valentine's Day this year.  Last year we had waffles, so now it's a tradition according to Carys.  I made waffles, needless to say.

I was set up the night before as you can see here.  We also had hot chocolate - a recipe from Crockin' Girls that I was wanting to try.  It was too rich for everyone's liking.

Each child got their own personal heart of candy and a little bag with Combos and red licorice in it.


 Carys' heart had puppies on it.  She loved it!


 Greg gave me tulips - my favorite flower - although he can only ever find them potted for Valentine's Day.  I prefer cut flowers, but these are second best.  He also gave me a package of cherry licorice (I don't like strawberry) and a bag of Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Caramel!

 I had found another recipe from Crockin' Girls for chocolate dipped marshmallows that the girls put together.  These were a hit!  Melting the almond bark in the crockpot was very easy. 

Finally, Chase and I received a Valentine's Day gift from Landon via Amazon.  It was a box of Twinings tea bags.  We loved them!  Twinings has by far the best Earl Grey tea of any I've tried.


It was a pretty terrific Valentine's Day all in all!