Saturday, September 28, 2013

September Update

Well, September is almost over, so I guess I should update since my last post.  We left for our timeshare on Saturday, August 24.  But we spent the week before leaving shopping for a minivan or car.  We were so torn as to which we should get.  Finally on Thursday, we bit the bullet and bought a used Prius.  We figure it will save us a fortune in gas over time.  It was hard to choose moving from our big conversion van to a small car, though. 

Anyway, we always have such a great, relaxing week at Suntide, not doing much but swimming and reading, etc.  This year was no different.  It was so strange only having four of us there, though. 

The girls enjoyed meeting up with their friends, the Bratolli girls and the Beatty kids.  Carys always makes new friends as well. 

The Beattys live in Manhattan.  Mikaela is a year behind Chase in school, but they always have a good time together. 

Nolan is a couple of years older than Carys, but this year she decided that they're going to get married.  Oh boy!

 Dennis is from Maryland and is one of Carys' new friends.

 Nolan, Mikaela, Chase and Carys

The Beattys took the kids to St. Armand's circle for ice cream on the last night.  There you can buy a $6 ice cream cone (it's probably more than that - we avoid St. Armand's personally).

 We got back home on  Saturday of Labor Day weekend.  Though Greg was off during the day on Monday, we did school since we had to take the following Monday off.  I hate 4-day weeks.  It messes up my Sonlight schedule!

Anyway, on Friday, September 6, we left Ocala, went to Orlando to pick up Landon, and headed to Raleigh - all 5 of us in the Prius!  It wasn't bad, but I think we'll be renting a minivan to go any further, like Illinois to visit my parents. :) 

We arrived late Friday night and got up early Saturday morning to attend the wedding rehearsal of Erin Miskiewicz and Jeremy Phillips.  I was the wedding coordinator, Greg was the handyman extraordinaire and Landon was the MC for the reception.  We rehearsed, had some time off that afternoon, and attended the rehearsal dinner that evening.  The next morning, we headed to the venue to set everything up.  We planned to go back to the hotel to check out and dress.  Well, there was more to do than there was time, so the girls and I went back and checked out and brought Greg's clothes to him.  After the wedding and reception, we drove to Savannah that night and then back to Orlando Monday morning.  Landon needed to be at his Quantum Mechanics II class by 11:30.  Then we drove back home as Greg had to work that evening.  EXHAUSTING!  But we wouldn't have missed it for the world!

We've spent the rest of this month doing school and running to various doctor and dentist appointments, just regular check-ups.  Funny how time flies just doing those normal things.  I wish I had some wedding pictures to post, but we were too busy working to take any.  I hope to get some from Kim soon. :)


Kristine said...

Wow, I am so glad you updated! I feel special, lol.

I just have to say that Chase looks so beautiful, so graceful in your cover photo. What a lovely girl!

We're packing five into my Prius tomorrow for an hour long trip--I'm the second smallest person, but I'll be driving since I'm prone to motion sickness. That means 700+ lbs. worth of people will be stuffed into the other four seats. I can laugh about that tonight!

What a fun way for you to finish up summer!

Linda said...

Aw, thanks, Kristine. She's grown so much that it's hard to believe! Hope your trip is great! It was 10 hours to NC and it about killed me, but I don't think that was the car. I just have trouble sitting more than an hour at a time. The backs of my legs start killing me. I don't know if it's sciatica or what, but it makes any long trip miserable!

DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

Chase looks so poised and pretty in your cover photo. Awfully nice of Carys to figure out her future spouse for you with plenty of time to plan a wedding. ::snort:: Glad you found a vehicle.