Wednesday, August 7, 2013

August Update

I am so conflicted as to whether or not to keep up with this blog for several reasons.

1) I don't have anything important to say.
2) I am on Facebook.
3) I'm not very good at keeping up with it.
4) I've had a lot of trouble posting pictures the last few posts.

However, for now, I'm going to try to give a picture by picture update of what's been going on in our family since my lost post in March.  Hold on to your hats!

In March we went to Wonderworks with two other families with high school kids from our homeschool group.

On May 5, Chase turned 15.  How did that happen?

On May 3, we celebrated Gerren's graduation, and....

...on May 13, he left Ocala for Air Force basic training in San Antonio, TX.

On June 30, Greg turned 50.

Then, on July 6, we left Florida and spent a couple days in IL with my parents on our way to....

....Texas for Gerren's graduation from BMT.  Thursday morning we cheered as he ran by....

...during the Airman's Run.

Later that morning, Carys tapped him out after the Coin Ceremony.

We had a lot of catching up to do during base liberty that day.

On Friday morning we watched them Pass in Review on the parade grounds and graduate!

Greg tapped Gerren out this time.

Gerren had town pass the rest of Friday.  We ate at Dough Pizzeria Napoletano and watched Netflix movies in our hotel room.  He had town pass all day Saturday, and we ate that day at another Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives recommended place, El Bohio.  On Sunday, he had only base liberty.  So we met at the BX and had breakfast at Burger King.  We went to chapel on base at 11:00am, then had lunch at Manchu Wok which was in the food court of one of the bigger BX's at Lackland.  There are many!  Gerren had to be back by 4pm, and we headed home.  It was a VERY LONG drive!

We took pictures Sunday afternoon.

On Sunday, July 28, we got together at our house with Greg's cousin Bob and his family while they were in town for a few days. Rebekah held up pictures of AJ and Gerren who were both out of town. :)

Monday, July 29, the girls and I began our rolling start into the school year with all our Sonlight stuff.  Chase was doing Math and some Life Management along with reading a few books all summer.  Carys continued her reading and math on a light schedule all summer, so we just added to it.  The first week went pretty well.

Chase a very intense load this year.  She is a sophomore.  She will be finishing Geometry by December, and starting Algebra II, so that her junior year she'll be ready to start pre-calculus.  She's taking 1 credit of church history, 1/2 credit of World Geography.  Her church history is Sonlight 200, and we're using the Adventuring Through the Bible book (along with some books she's used in the last two years) to make a 1 credit Introduction to the Bible course.  She's finishing up driver's ed (the book and DVD work anyway).  She continues Aerospace Education which is just her CAP work for each promotion.  English II consists of Sonlight 200 literature and vocabulary.  We'll also be using Brave Writer's Help for High School writing supplement once we get everything else going.  She's also taking Chemistry.  She gets up at 7:30 and works straight through, pretty much until 5pm.  I remind her, though, that she doesn't have homework after that.  :)

Landon is home for two weeks while the campus is pretty much closed down between Summer B and the Fall semester.  Gerren is in tech school at Lackland AFB training as a security forces specialist.  He will be stationed at Whiteman AFB near Knob Noster, MO, after that.  We hope he'll be able to come home and work for two weeks in the Recruiter Assistance Program prior to that.

I warned you to hold on to your hats, huh?



Anonymous said...

Good update! While I have seen all of this on Facebook, I suggest you continue your blog so that your kids will have a record of what you've done, even if you are not blogging frequently.

Just last night, my kids were *still* looking at photos from a year or two ago. They've always done this, and I've been thrilled that my effort has played a part in keeping alive so many family memories. :)


DeEtta @ Choosing Joy said...

Ditto Kristine's comment. Enjoyed the whirlwind update. Ah - BMT Chapel. It's funny but I always hoped we'd be stationed at Whiteman....dear friend from our first assignment went there and settled. LOL